1. There is a serial killer on the loose. 
  2. I think that blog I found is Ada Mal and Tom communicating somehow? About meat? 
  3. The Cranmers invited me to a prayer group. These are the people who bombed Lily’s old company. No thank you.
  4. Tom is insistent that he can get Margalit Lindos to invest before we go under. I very casually mentioned that his gender might be an issue and he fucking lost it. I quit. 
  5. I’m either going to the 4reemers or the press about all of this. Or the police.



Update: Things keep getting weirder. When the shit went down at Power Ventures, Tom freaked the fuck out. I get it—looks like they won’t be investing in Lily’s Brain any time soon, since it’s run by a guy. But he is taking it REALLY personally. 

The other thing is his “relationship” with this Cranmer “priestess” who thinks Lily is living in the matrix. They are together all the time. And she is not, you know, straight. And what would she see in Tom? His emails get crazier and crazier all the time. I tracked them down to this site, which makes me think they are a joke? I can’t reconcile the messages I get with the person I work with every day. 

In the mean time we’ve blown through all of the initial investment by donating money to the Cranmers and Tom spending time in the lab. He’s going to have to go out on another round soon, and no one is going to buy this “male feminist” schtick. 




I’ve only been at this biotech company for a few days and I’m starting to feel like I’m Sarah Manning at Dyad, you know? Except my Rachel is one Tom Freeman who seems to have at least three different personalities. One ignores me. One is practically a male feminist. And the third has been sending me terrifying emails from an address I can’t trace. I’m afraid to post on my personal blog. I started this one anonymously to protect myself.
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